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    Stephen's current industry focuses are, professional service firms, (including professional corporations and operational metrics and key performance indicators for law firms, architect firms and health care practitioners), real estate development, golf industry operations (public and private), along with retail and franchise operations.

    Stephen acts in an advisory role for many of his clients and has contributed in creating, implementing and executing strategic plans, exit and growth strategies, and general business insight. Stephen's focus is on value, helping his clients unlock their potential for growth in a way that provides a different kind of client experience.

    Stephen's focus is on the future, testing, challenging and exploring what's important to his clients as he helps them win and realize their aspirations.


    Stephen offers his clients 39 years of business advisory experience and pragmatic advice. His practice includes a diverse group of entrepreneurial businesses, professionals and business leaders.

    Areas of expertise include; strategy, private enterprise tax planning services, succession and estate planning, financial statement reviews, profit and operational improvement and exit strategies.