Privately held business

We’ve helped thousands of private businesses like yours.

As the owner or manager of a privately held business, you’re concerned with a host of challenges—from day-to-day operations, to navigating an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape. In many instances, it’s no longer enough to keep up the status quo if you want to survive. Dynamic organizations thriving in today’s economy are ones that understand the importance of growth—balanced and holistic growth that is not just about the bottom line.

But how do you take your business from where it is today, and grow it to where you want it to be in the future? And what does growth mean, anyway?

From start-up to succession—unlocking the potential for growth.

Understanding how to grow your business from one stage to the next is vital—and at Grant Thornton, we get it. Using our knowledge and experience, our professionals are dedicated to helping you make the right decisions for your organization. We offer meaningful, actionable and holistic advice; bringing Grant Thornton insight and ideas to the table to help you achieve your business objectives.

We look at the big picture and work with you to uncover areas within your entire organization that might benefit from growth. It’s more than just financial, it’s about developing better business relationships, growing your people and encouraging innovation, to name a few.

If you’re looking to grow your business—and achieve your profit goals—contact a member of our privately held business team near you.

Your business today, tomorrow—and in the future

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