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Pay less tax

We share your viewpoint on tax: pay as little as you can. But most business decisions have tax implications, and tax legislation is complex and always changing—you need good advice. The Grant Thornton approach is integrated, forward looking and tailored to you.


It’s about developing a close relationship with our clients.

To do this, we inform you about the latest tax rules, review the implications for your business and personal tax situations, and update you on important developments. We listen to you, and we continue to add new services to meet your needs.

Long-term personal and business success takes planning. Consider our succession and estate planning and domestic tax services, and plan to take the success of your business into future generations.

GST/HST and provincial sales taxes—they affect every transaction your company makes. Our sales tax services can assist you with all of your sales tax needs.

Is your company involved in developing new processes, products, materials or devices? Our scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax professionals can help you determine if you are eligible for SR&ED tax credits.

We are also ready to assist you with all of your international tax concerns through our US corporate tax, expatriate tax, transfer pricing and international tax services.