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    Jim is the leader of the Grant Thornton International food and beverage practice and has developed a strong Canadian and international network in the industry. He serves a number of Canadian-based food and beverage companies, taking pride in the depth of the relationships he has built with those companies over the years. He also regularly develops thought leadership on industry issues and frequently writes a number of articles for Canadian and international food and beverage publications.


    As the leader of the Grant Thornton International food and beverage practice, Jim regularly leads and participates in a number of international food and beverage industry engagements and opportunities. He also holds a leadership role in the national manufacturing and distribution sector in his home country of Canada. Jim's strong connections within Grant Thornton International and his manufacturing background allow him to add value to companies' expansion plans internationally. Jim has been a keynote speaker at food and beverage industry events and has been featured in Canadian and international news media coverage. He has served numerous privately held and international companies in the food and beverage industry throughout his career.