Our partnership board

Making a difference.

Our partnership board, consisting of 10 Grant Thornton members (including the CEO and Executive Partner and the Chief Administrative Officer) and two external members, are elected by our partnership team. These members are responsible for approving and upholding the mission, vision and strategic plan for the partnership, as well as the firm.

Our partnership board includes

Lou Celli (Chair), CPA, CA

Partner, Hamilton

Michael Creber, CPA, CA

Partner, Toronto

Bryn Gilbert, CPA, CA

Partner, Kelowna

Jeremy Jagt, CPA, CA, CPA, (Illinois)

Partner, Mississauga

Troy MacDonald, CPA, CA, CBV

Partner, Toronto

Kelly Kolke, CPA, CA

Partner, Truro

Blair Dunn, FEA, BBA

Partner, Summerside

Sandra Pietrzyk, BA, BComm

Partner, Edmonton

Kevin Ladner, CPA, CA, CBV

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Partner

Dave Peneycad, CPA, CA

National Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Operating Officer of National Office