Values and vision

Values and vision—the building blocks of exceptional client service

There’s a perceived sameness about professional services firms. But in this highly regulated and highly dynamic marketplace, we offer ourselves up as a different kind of professional services firm.

Our values direct everything we do. They centre us, they focus us and they give us direction. These are the values that make us—as a firm and as individuals—superior service providers and exceptional colleagues and team-mates: collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect, responsibility.

  • unite through global collaboration
  • demonstrate leadership in all we do
  • promote a consistent culture of excellence
  • act with agility
  • ensure deep respect for people
  • take responsibility for our actions

Our vision

To establish Grant Thornton as a distinctive leadership brand by creating sustainable advantage for our clients, our people and the communities across Canada in which we work and live

Guiding behaviours define our values, and ensure that we all know and understand how to demonstrate them in our day to day work.