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Africa, consistently one of the best-performing regions for female leadership, has continued its upward trajectory. Although this year’s increase is not as impressive as the 7% year-on-year lift seen in 2020, over five reporting cycles the region’s figures have improved significantly – from 29% in 2017 to 39% in 2021.

The European Union, meanwhile, has also seen a reasonable lift from 30% to 34%, with over a third of all senior positions now being held by women. This marks an eight-point increase since 2017.

Close behind Africa in the 2021 ratings is ASEAN, with 38% of senior roles filled by women. This marks a near total recovery to its record level of 39% in 2018, following an 11-percentage point slide to 28% in 2019. That slip is a cautionary tale that change isn’t guaranteed to follow a positive trajectory.