Global Opportunities

Some advice just states the obvious.

But to give the kind of advice that’s going to make a real difference to your clients you’ve got to listen critically, dig beneath the surface, challenge assumptions and be credible and confident enough to make suggestions right from the start.

At Grant Thornton you’ve got to be ready to kick start a career right at the heart of business.

As a member firm of Grant Thornton International, with over 130 member firms worldwide, our people have access to a wide range of international assignments. From Australia to Zimbabwe, Grant Thornton offers a world of opportunities through international travel or by working on international client assignments from your desk at home.

Our people have the opportunity to participate in international assignments that can last from a few months to as long as several years. Some go alone, some travel with colleagues, while others prefer to take their spouse with them. What they share in common is that at the conclusion of their assignment they return to their home office in Canada, buoyed by the experience and eager to share what they have learned.

By learning different business practices, networking with new people across the globe, traveling, experiencing a different culture and establishing new lifelong friends, this often becomes one of the most significant highlights of their career.

Some of our people prefer something even more lasting and seek out permanent international relocations from the outset or, in some cases, at the end of their international assignment.