A World of Experience in California

My secondment in California has been an amazing experience. As similar as Canada and the US are, there are also many differences, and this secondment has not only provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in various industries, but it has also allowed me to strengthen my skill set. I’ve had exposure to a wide range of industries including aerospace, biomedical, and consumer products.

Hiking the amazing trails in California

Hiking the amazing trails in California

  • Hiking the amazing trails in California
  • On assignment in Maui, Hawaii!
  • The Naval base in San Diego was one of my favorite places to visit. Here, my good friend and I are touring the USS Boxer.
  • A view of the beautiful San Diego

One of the big differences about working in the US, is just the sheer size of everything. The clients, audit teams and revenues are all bigger than what I experienced in Canada. Because of this, I have been able to exponentially increase my experience level and skill set. I feel like after this experience, I will be able to more efficiently manage my teams and my audit clients.

I really believe that going on a secondment is beneficial in so many ways. Not only do you gain experience and learn and grow professionally, but you also gain valuable contacts internationally, and are able to provide insight on methodology and gain firsthand experience of the accounting standards of another country.

Cindy Cheung, Senior Accountant, Assurance Services