Brisbane, Australia Offers a Career Highlight

With the support of Grant Thornton, I was provided the opportunity to travel to beautiful Brisbane, Australia, fulfilling my dream of snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. My experience also provided me with an opportunity to travel throughout the Outback.

Johanna at Fraser Island

Johanna at Fraser Island

  • Johanna at Fraser Island
  • Here’s a sample of what you can see when snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. It looks even more spectacular when you’re there!!
  • Brisbane city by night, looking north along the Brisbane River along the CBD
  • Whitsunday Islands

Even though I arrived in June during Australia’s busy season, the firm’s global mobility professionals helped with everything from travel to accommodations and ensured that a successful transition took place. Professionally, this secondment gave me the opportunity to work with clients in industries that I did not have experience with at the time, and let me see how another member firm approached the Grant Thornton methodology. This all translated to experience I could take back to my own office and share across the firm. I enjoyed my experience so much that I committed to three back-to-back busy seasons! My dedication was noticed by my coaches and the local partners and turned into many other positive career opportunities to work in other offices in different parts of Canada. I also believe it gave me the courage to eventually apply for a position in our National Auditing Standards group, where I sit today as a Senior Manager.

In Australia, the people in the Brisbane office were so friendly, willing to help me plan weekend trips, and invited me out to social gatherings with their friends. The office was also very social and every week would have a gathering on Friday after work with snacks and drinks. I also participated in an office golf day, Melbourne Cup Day, and an end of busy season party hosted by one of the partners.

When I look back, my secondment to Australia was definitely one of the highlights of my career.

Johanna Field, Senior Manager, National Auditing Standards