A Great Experience Both Personally and Professionally

When an opportunity came via email to take advantage of a global opportunity in Perth, Australia, I jumped at the chance. I knew it would be a wonderful experience both on a personal and professional level, and I was right on both counts.

Desert safari, sand boarding and 4 wheeling in the middle of a desert !!

Desert safari, sand boarding and 4 wheeling in the middle of a desert !!

  • Desert safari, sand boarding and 4 wheeling in the middle of a desert !!
  • Residence for secondees in a upscale neighborhood. Beautiful sun shine all day long with lemon trees in front porch area.
  • Enjoying the light show in downtown Perth water front development area.
  • Camel ride and camping in the middle of a desert

Overall, it was a great opportunity for me that would not have been possible without the help of the wonderful HR team in New Brunswick. They helped me throughout each and every step of the process and put me in touch with National HR and Australian contacts in order for a smooth transition.

While over in Australia, I worked on smaller public companies, mining companies, logistic companies, race courses and some provincial agency audits. From a professional perspective, this experience has definitely helped me by providing experience working with International Accountant standards and small public companies. Additionally, it has helped me gain the experience of a full audit season and has allowed me to develop a stronger business case for advancement within the firm.

I would say the biggest challenge was adjusting to a different way of doing things at work and outside of work, embracing and experiencing a new culture and tradition and adapting to it quickly.  However, this was also a great opportunity for me to grow and learn, and one of the highlights of the experience for me is the great friendships I made while I was over there.

On a personal level, I was also able to travel and explore different parts of the work, including most of the Western Australia tourist highlights, as well as visit Malaysia, which was a really great experience. I would definitely recommend a global assignment to others. Professionally and personally it was a great experience. I was able to build my network and advance my learning, while making great friends and traveling the world.