Global Opportunities in Melbourne, Australia

I joined Grant Thornton in 2008, and one of the things that attracted me to the firm was the knowledge that you can work anywhere in the world. In fact, members of the Canadian firm are in high demand throughout the Grant Thornton network of firms.

One of the ways the firm facilitates international assignments is through a global Intranet site that advertises international opportunities. This is where I found out about a six-month opportunity in the UK. I was looking for a short-term change and the possibility of travel, but since I have always really enjoyed the Grant Thornton culture, I wanted to stay within the firm umbrella.

It’s while I was in the UK that I discovered the opportunity for a secondment in Melbourne, Australia. I was attracted to the opportunity because career wise, I thought it would be very interesting, as Grant Thornton Melbourne had recently merged with BDO Melbourne. And I knew that Melbourne was ranked as the #1 city to live in the world and I wanted to see why this was the case.

My secondment was an excellent experience. I met many individuals there who I still keep in touch with on a weekly basis. Career wise it was interesting to see the different aspects of a merger. The client base was similar to the ones I worked on in Canada, which worked out well as the familiarity led to the ability to share experiences and learn from my colleagues.

I would absolutely recommend going on an international assignment if you have the opportunity. It’s great for your career to be able to network internationally and build your skill set. And on a personal level, it’s been an amazing experience to travel throughout Europe and Australia and explore new countries.


Alex Lau, Senior Manager, Assurance Services

Global opportunities