Charities and not-for-profit organizations

Not for Profit Seminar Series

22 - 29 November 2018

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Have you ever wanted to meet up with other not-for-profit professionals from across southern Ontario? Grant Thornton's annual not-for-profit seminar series delivers just that while aiming to inspire and educate the sector each year!

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This year's topics

Staying strategically AGILE and remaining nimble in today’s shifting landscape

The success of AGILE software development has led to its governing principles being applied in other environments, especially those where adapting to uncontrollable, rapid external change and tight budgets abound. Sound familiar? In a series of roundtables across the country, Grant Thornton sat down with CEOs of leading charities and not-for-profits to investigate their application of AGILE, and learn their opinions of the concepts. In this session, hear the best of those ideas and experiences so that you can improve your organization’s AGILITY.

Achieving operational excellence

Continuing with our theme of achieving more with less, in this session we focus on day-to-day, practical productivity improvement. We look at proven techniques to improve the behaviours, processes and systems that are the key components of productivity. The outcome we seek from our first two sessions is that your organization can use AGILE techniques to assist you in doing the right things, and in a highly productive manner.

Addressing cybersecurity on time and on budget

Cybersecurity is critical for not-for-profits, especially those with large donor and member databases; though the task itself can seem overwhelming and costly. In this session, learn how to enhance the cybersecurity program at your organization in a way that doesn't blow your budget or take years to build.

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