Paul Kowalenko Presenting Analyst Markham +1 416 366 0100

As a Presenting Analyst with Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement, I have had the privilege over the past nine years to consult in over 50 successful engagements in industries ranging from distribution, manufacturing and construction to airlines, gaming, logistics, healthcare and hospitality.

Over the years, I have analyzed logistics data, installed management systems, and facilitated behavioural and operational change in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. This experience has given me practical skills in process improvement, project management, process re-engineering, strategic planning, team building and client training. My ability to quickly analyze, understand and solve problems has proven to continuously exceed my clients’ expectations. 
My main area of expertise is identifying and installing cost reductions and increased throughput. These typically take the form of continuous improvement projects that draw upon my process mapping, group facilitation, change management and data analysis skills. I have also helped design and install dynamic management systems in over a dozen manufacturing facilities, resulting in over $40 million in savings. 

Other engagements have seen me design, construct and install an inventory management system in 22 casinos across Ontario, reducing inventory levels by 30 percent; construct a management system to track inventory, machine utilization and labour resources, resolving an issue which resulted in $500,000 dollars in annualized savings; install process and method changes in the food processing industry that resulted in 25 to 35 percent productivity improvements; and install project management techniques in the construction industry to increase the number of homes built by 130 percent, on time and on budget

.I have also helped clients with their sales efforts by training sales forces to use more effective selling  techniques,  and conducted SWOT, market share, market position, competition  and  industry analysis to understand and recommend areas of opportunity for my clients.