Shane Troyer Partner Vancouver +1 604 443 2148

As the lead of our Business Risk Services practice in Western Canada, I specialize in the design and implementation of risk management and assurance programs. Now, more than ever, Boards and Executive Management are susceptible to a broad range of risks that can have significant impact on their organizations. I see myself as an extension of their team, providing risk management due diligence, and stepping in when investigative or analytical services are required.

With over 20 years of experience as an advisory services specialist, I have a blend of preventative and reactive forensic and risk management skills. I’m passionate about fraud prevention and internal control methodologies and work with organizations of all sizes to promote awareness and strong business practices. In particular, my focus is on the design and delivery of internal audit and risk managements programs, and the investigation of potential fraud and wrongdoing. In providing these services to our clients I deploy broad skill-sets in forensic technology and cyber security, business process improvement, forensic investigation, and as well as a risk and control framework design and assessment.


I hold key professional designations in accounting, internal audit, IT Security and fraud prevention and investigation. As a published thought leader I have presented both nationally and internationally on the topics of fraud risk management, cyber security, risk management and governance. Formerly I served on the Board Of Directors for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Vancouver.

I am an avid car enthusiast and enjoys all things relating to motor sports both as a spectator and racer. When I am not busy in the office, I can be found driving in my old Camaro or out at the drag strip getting an adrenaline rush. 

  • CPA, CGA
  • CFE
  • CIA