Nelson, BC (Jan. 2, 2019) – Grant Thornton LLP (Grant Thornton), a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, tax and advisory services, is pleased to announce its union with Berg Lehmann.

Berg Lehmann has been providing professional services in Nelson, British Columbia and the surrounding region for over 65 years. In this time, their client base has consisted of privately held businesses, with a focus on a variety of industries like; manufacturing, real estate and hospitality to name a few.

The Berg Lehmann firm is proudly situated within the West Kootenay region and over the years they have seen resident businesses flourish. These businesses, colleagues and clients of the Berg Lehmann firm have been vital in supporting their growth over the years.  Their decision to join Grant Thornton is rooted behind the goal of wanting to create a thriving future for all and provide expanded services like international tax and businesses valuations.

“The synergies and similarities between our firm and Grant Thornton is what lead us to make this decision, we are both committed to providing strategic services that will have a positive impact on the future,” said Craig Berg, Partner at Berg Lehmann. “Our priorities will always be on client experience and our presence in the community, our team of professionals are the same friendly faces you’ve come to know over the years.”

“We are thrilled to have the team at Berg Lehmann join Grant Thornton,” said, Paul Gallo, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton. “They bring a depth of knowledge and passion to their work, and an honourable connection to the community within Nelson.”