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Prince Edward Island

People. Energy. Ideas. 

There’s no question that Prince Edward Island has all the ingredients for a vibrant community. The economy is strong and increasingly diverse; the province is fiscally fit and running a slight surplus; and the population is growing, due largely to international migration, as people recognize the excellent quality of life offered here.

Our challenge now is to harness these fundamental strengths to create long-term, sustainable and inclusive growth—without losing the unique qualities and core values that make PEI such a special place to live, work and play.

At Grant Thornton, we’ve made it a priority to help shape vibrant communities. We believe in the collective power of individuals, businesses and not-for-profit enterprises to build prosperity for all. We’re excited by the opportunity to ignite conversation among leaders in our community and spark positive change.

We’re optimistic about the future and we know you are, too. So today I invite you to imagine an island where people choose to stay and others feel welcome to come. An island where you can build your dream.

We hope to inspire, engaged and connect with the PEI community during this project and motivate ourselves and others to carry our work forward. I know that by working together we can ensure PEI is a vibrant community for decades to come.