Grant Thornton Feed: Insights [reports] Keep informed, subscribe to our feed and get our latest updates. 2011-11-16T12:00:00-05:00 Grant Thornton Canada Oilandgasimage urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-oilandgas 2017-11-03T14:52:20-05:00   Beyond survival: Shifting the mindset to thrive in a newO&G landscape urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Beyond survival Shifting the mindset to thrive in a new OandG landscape.pdf 2017-11-03T14:48:58-05:00   <a href=" survival Shifting the mindset to thrive in a new OandG landscape.pdf?jsmobile=0" >click to open PDF</a> 2017 Grant Thornton Executive Forum urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-ExecutiveForum.pdf 2017-09-19T14:51:20-05:00   <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Winners of the 2017 Leadership Awards urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-2017LeadershipAwards_WinnersSpread.pdf 2017-06-09T10:52:55-05:00 In April Food in Canada and Grant Thornton announced the winners of the 2017 Leadership Awards. Here are the presentations for four of the award winners. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Exporting: Reasons to be optimistic urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-PLANTApril2017.pdf 2017-04-07T16:14:38-05:00 Canadian manufacturers are|,|fairly optimistic these days.|,|PLANT’s Manufacturers’|,|Outlook 2017 survey, co-sponsored|,|by Grant Thornton LLP|,|and SYSPRO Canada, suggests|,|that, while they’re by no means|,|overconfident, manufacturers|,|by and large see the potential|,|for good things in this year,|,|with increased exports driving|,|opportunity. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> 2017 Leadership Awards urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-LeadershipAwards2017.pdf 2017-04-07T15:40:07-05:00 We are very pleased to once again partner with Food in Canada in presenting the 2017 Leadership Awards. These awards recognize|,|Canadian food and beverage companies for their achievements in Growth, Innovation, Stewardship, Community & Industry|,|Leadership, and Health & Wellness. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Manufacturers' Outlook 2017 urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-2017OUTLOOKvDe8FINALRev.pdf 2016-12-14T14:13:07-05:00 Read the results of the industry survey - conducted by PLANT Magazine and sponsored by Grant Thornton - which provides insights into business optimism for 2017, exporting, strategy, innovation, cyber-security, productivity and so much more… <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Exporting your way to successful growth urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-36-37_GTStory-final.pdf 2016-12-13T10:16:28-05:00 This article by Mitchell Osak appears in the November/December 2016 issue of Food in Canada magazine and provides food and beverage processors with insights on exporting as a strategic way to maintain growth. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Export Insights 2016 urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Export Insights 2016.pdf 2016-11-28T10:16:59-05:00 Export Insights 2016, with supporting sponsorship by Grant Thornton LLP, is an industry survey by which highlights the top strategies for growing your business abroad. Read about the survey results with insights from Roundtable Participants including Mitchell Osak, Managing Director, Strategic Advisory Services, Grant Thornton <a href=" Insights 2016.pdf?jsmobile=0" >click to open PDF</a> Top strategies for growing your business abroad urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-CMO_Oct16_Export Insights_LR.pdf 2016-11-22T12:43:44-05:00   <a href=" Insights_LR.pdf?jsmobile=0" >click to open PDF</a> Preventing human trafficking: Global issue, calling Canada urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Human_Trafficking_10-11-16_WEB.pdf 2016-11-04T15:56:48-05:00 Understanding, identifying and ending trade in human lives <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> There’s a lot more than food on the table urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Operations_Report_Oct_2016.pdf 2016-10-12T12:34:46-05:00 An article by Martha Oner and Jim Menzies. Food in Canada Magazine, October 2016. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> 2016 Grant Thornton Executive Roundtable urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-September_2016_Roundtable.pdf 2016-09-12T10:33:04-05:00 We are pleased to present the highlights from the annual executive roundtable hosted by Food in Canada in partnership with Grant Thornton LLP. This year participants from various sectors of the food and beverage industry discuss growth opportunities for Canadian processors. September 2016 issue <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Women in business: from classroom to boardroom urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-IBR2014_WiB_report_FINAL.pdf 2014-03-10T13:30:03-05:00 Just one in seven delegates at the annual World Economic Forum gathering was a|,|woman this year. This statistic alone explains why the issue of women in businesses inspires so much passion and debate, emphasising that the path from the classroom to the boardroom is anything but straightforward. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Hunger for growth: Food and beverage looks to the future urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Food_and_beverage_report_CDN.pdf 2013-10-17T13:25:46-05:00 The food and beverage industry is poised for growth around the globe. After years of uncertainty, retrenchment and delayed investments, industry executives are once again looking to invest in new products, new capacity, new distribution channels and new markets. Even in countries still shaking off the recession, executives expect growth and plan to capture market share at home and abroad. Hunger for growth is a global food and beverage industry benchmarking survey that highlights these emerging trends and growth opportunities around the globe. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> Canada’s anti-corruption laws are growing teeth urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-ABAC one-pager_finalrevisions_.pdf 2013-08-28T11:47:11-05:00 The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA) has been on the books in Canada since 1999. Many companies are aware of it; others, undoubtedly, are not. Some may have developed a false sense of security since the statute has been around for over 10 years but was rarely enforced. This is no longer the case. <a href=" one-pager_finalrevisions_.pdf?jsmobile=0" >click to open PDF</a> Construction Fraud in Canada urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Fraud_and_Construction-02-22-13-ELECTRONIC.pdf 2013-04-12T13:00:27-05:00 From government projects to corporate developments to individual home builds,|,|cases of fraudulent activity in the construction industry are abundant. In many cases, rather than the stereotype|,|of construction companies defrauding individuals or the public, it is the|,|companies themselves losing money to fraud perpetrated by employees, contractors, subcontractors and venture|,|partners. These frauds include diverted|,|funds, materials misuse, padded bills, charging for unperformed work, hidden|,|cost overruns and more. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International business report—Emerging markets opportunity index: high growth economies urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-ibr2012_em_report_2012_final.pdf 2013-01-22T10:43:00-05:00 The global economy is delicately poised heading|,|into 2013. With governments and consumers continuing to deleverage in many mature|,|economies, unemployment high and businesses|,|sitting on cash, growth rates look set to stay well|,|below pre-crisis levels for some time. Meanwhile,as emerging economies globalise, their rates of|,|expansion and development are becoming increasingly dependent on the health of the world economy. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International business report—Global economy in 2013: uncertainty weighing on growth urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Global economy in 2013 - FINAL.pdf 2013-01-22T10:25:38-05:00 The global economic outlook remains highly uncertain. The eurozone sovereign debt crisis is perhaps the key challenge, and not just for business leaders in Europe. Across the Atlantic, economic growth in the|,|United States remains weak and unemployment high.|,|In the International business report—Global economy in 2013: uncertainty weighing on growth we review the year ahead and what it means to economies around the world. <a href=" economy in 2013 - FINAL.pdf?jsmobile=0" >click to open PDF</a> Cleantech on the rise: Generational opportunities for 21st-century businesses urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-Cleantech-on-the-rise_FINAL.pdf 2012-11-22T14:44:01-05:00 The world is grappling with environmental realities in a new way. Reports differ wildly as to how long our global reliance on fossil fuels will be sustainable. Consensus is emerging that the next 10 to 30 years offer a window of opportunity that comes along not quarterly or annually, but periodically, generationally – perhaps only a few times in a century. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a>