Grant Thornton Feed: Litigation advisory services Keep informed, subscribe to our feed and get our latest updates. 2011-11-16T12:00:00-05:00 Grant Thornton Canada Anti-corruption legislation casts a global net: Don’t get caught because you don’t know the rules urn:uuid:-resources-insights-white_papers-Anti-corruption-white-paper-Electronic.pdf 2012-09-28T15:52:18-05:00 A Grant Thornton white paper that outlines anti-corruption legislation in Canada, the US and UK. We offer some insight into this legislation and how it could impact your business. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International Business Report 2010—global sector trends urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-IBR_2010_manufacturing_focus.pdf 2010-12-17T16:33:12-05:00 Manufacturing: The manufacturing sectors of many economies|,|across the globe have led the recovery from the|,|deepest recession since World War II. The collapse|,|of world trade, a lack of access to credit and|,|declining consumer confidence saw demand|,|plummet across the sector, but in recent months|,|output and orders have increased dramatically. Privately held businesses in the sector are markedly|,|more confident about their current prospects|,|compared to this time last year. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International Business Report 2010—global sector trends urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-IBR_2010_retail.pdf 2010-12-17T16:23:25-05:00 Retail: The retail industry suffered during the global economic downturn as declining GDP growth and falling personal disposable income hit retail sales. Having slowed down in 2008, global non-food retail sales growth contracted in 2009 as fears over fiscal austerity measures and unemployment impacted on consumer confidence. The outlook for this sector is a changing business environment, in both the short and the longer-term. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International Business Report 2010. Emerging markets: leading the way urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-IBR_Emerging_Markets_report_2010.pdf 2010-05-05T09:42:30-05:00 This edition of the International Business Report 2010 focuses on the importance of the emerging markets to the|,|world economy, specifically highlighting |,|their investment opportunies to businesses worldwide. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a> International Business Report 2009—Global overview urn:uuid:-resources-insights-reports-IBR_PHB_2009_global_overview.pdf 2009-08-11T15:05:32-05:00 Privately held businesses: the lifeblood of the global economy. The IBR 2009 global overview provides a complete summary of this year's IBR survey results, which focused on a variety of research topics including mergers and acquisitions, business planning, succession and raising finance. <a href="" >click to open PDF</a>