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Oil & Gas

Uncovering real approaches to industry-wide collaboration

Solutions and recommendations for oil & gas operators, suppliers, industry groups and government

Despite being four years removed of one of the deepest oil & gas downturns in a generation, Canadian O&G companies are still facing a host of challenges—from higher costs of production and tightening market access issues, to growing regulatory oversight and low public support. Combined with long-standing global challenges—such as restrictive climate change-related policies and slowing demand—it’s clear the industry, as we know it, is changed

To thrive in this new environment, O&G players will have to reimagine their traditional methods of supply chain management—and uncover new opportunities for collaboration—if they hope to better control costs and reduce inefficiencies.

An inspired conversation

Our latest whitepaper, Uncovering real approaches to industry-wide collaboration, identifies barriers in the O&G supply chain sector and highlights creative and collaborative solutions needed to strengthen the industry’s competitive advantage, encourage community endorsement and attract investment. The paper is based on the insights and experiences shared at a 2018 JWN Energy and Grant Thornton roundtable, which included senior stakeholders from the exploration and development sector, the service and supply sector, government and industry associations. 

The paper explores:

  • existing challenges to successful industry collaboration (e.g. the roles corporate culture, low-bid culture and loss of institutional memory play in the O&G sector’s hesitancy to join forces);
  • effective collaborative approaches (e.g. ideas for aligning interests and creative opportunities for government intervention); and
  • practical recommendations for moving forward.

If you’d like to uncover fresh strategies to help your business thrive in this new O&G landscape, we encourage you to download this report and—if you’d like to learn more—please contact us.

Download the full report [ 1868 kb ]