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Understanding Canada’s push for superclusters

Martha Breithaupt Martha Breithaupt

The Canadian economy

Innovation has become one of the most important features of our new Canadian economy, with the goal of promoting our country’s corporate growth and job creation. The Canadian government is working to define a new vision for the economy and to build Canada as a centre of global innovation.

Emerging from Silicon Valley, superclusters, accelerators and research centres now stretch from Boston to New York City, and have begun springing up outside the United States in countries such as Canada, China and the United Kingdom. These centres act as a springboard to foster originality and experimentation, drive economic growth and spur job creation.

To nurture innovation in a region and develop a supercluster, the following resources are required: 

  • highly skilled talent
  • companies of all sizes
  • post-secondary institutions
  • specialized infrastructure to support business and quality of life
  • access to growth capital

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