Breaking down Budget 2021’s green initiatives

Video overview

The 2021 Federal Budget promotes green policies more than we’ve seen in previous budgets. Tara Benham (National Tax Leader) and Michael Espinoza (National Tax Office) discuss how the government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach the 2050 goal of net-zero emissions.

  • 0:37 Where are we today?
  • 1:24 50% corporate tax reduction for manufacturers of zero-emissions technology
  • 2:18 Defining qualifying technologies
  • 3:09 What other tax-related changes are we looking at?
  • 4:35 What is Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)?
  • 6:00 Let’s talking about funding in the budget
  • 7:50 Are we going to make it to our goals (of reduced emissions)?


About this video series

Grant Thornton presents our video series on the 2021 Federal Budget. Featuring Tara Benham (National Tax Leader) and various tax experts, we explore what Canadians may see in the upcoming budget, a recap of budget highlights and the budget’s implications for individuals and businesses.

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