The challenge

While contradictory, ‘emotional’ and ‘technical’ are factors family businesses often navigate—especially through the transaction process. The emotional nature of family relationships and legacies combined with the complicated technicalities of purchasing a new business requires a deep sense of empathy with sharp expertise to make critical decisions.

Our client—a Canadian family of four siblings with a family trust—was looking to purchase a new business with funds they had recently inherited to continue growing their investments. While the whole family was on board with the decision to buy, they didn’t know where to start and needed strategic advice and support through the purchasing process.



How we helped

Helped protect the family’s interests by working with each of them to define their objectives and translate the technicalities of the transaction.

Advised in the process of identifying the right business to acquire that aligned with the family’s goals for growth.

Supported the transaction by reviewing the evaluation, assisting with negotiation, and raising financing as well as through the due diligence process by collaborating with bankers, advisors, and stakeholders.

Provided tax support for their acquired company.

A new client, the oldest sibling of a multigenerational family trust came to us looking for a business to acquire with the goal of diversifying and building the family’s wealth. They weren’t interested in analyzing piles of spreadsheets—they wanted a team that could translate the technical side of transactions. They also didn’t understand the emotional impact that would arise during the process.

Our approach came from a deep understanding of the Family Enterprise Advisor three-circle model which includes the intersection of the family, ownership, and the business itself. We acted as a bridge between the family and the transaction process by helping them not only understand the decisions they were making but also trust them. We made sure we were available to the family at any time they needed and had multiple conversations including all four decision makers in the family to provide alignment and peace of mind.

In reviewing multiple businesses, we advised them on the potential for cash flow and provided the strategic advice required to decide to make the final purchase of an ecological systems company with an untapped market. Through the transaction process, we assisted by negotiating key terms, raising debt capital, and supporting the due diligence process. We collaborated with their legal team to close the deal and then continued supporting their newly acquired business’ tax needs.

The impact

Family business doesn’t need to be complicated—with the right combination of emotional support and strategic advice, they can thrive during any stage, whether expanding to new markets or acquiring other companies.

Both our emotional and technical expertise provided the trust and confidence the family required to make critical decisions. With their newly acquired business, the family’s future is ripe with plenty of opportunities for growth across Canada.

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