The challenge

Our client—a forward-thinking, purpose-driven Ontario-based freight transport provider—had plans for exponential growth that involved several high-stakes opportunities—but competing visions among the leadership made them aware that they needed a multidisciplinary team of advisors with sector-specific expertise to help them navigate the next chapter. This included the desire to expand into the United States, a tax reorganization, and a subsequent sale.

How we helped

Collaborated with the client to develop a plan to maintain the sale agreement’s fundamentals and its latent tax savings opportunities.

Supported our client through a successful sale to a larger organization.

Preserved the business’ culture to maximize the enterprise value, including post-sale consideration.

Our client’s processes, structure, and culture were reflective of a larger organization, but their ambitions had outrun their current leadership and advisory team. The company’s founder and co-owners decided to pursue a strategic opportunity to sell their interests, but this would have precluded taking full advantage of the tax mitigation strategies we’d put in place during a recently completed reorganization. Despite inopportune timing, we helped our client by seamlessly collaborating to develop a plan that allowed them to still take advantage of the tax structure. We supported our client through a successful sale to a larger organization and they were able to preserve the business’ culture and maximize the enterprise value, including post-sale consideration.

The impact

Our clients came to us with goals and sharp business acumen—but they needed a team of advisors who could be their eyes and ears in a rapidly changing sector and offer impartial advice as they forged the business’ next chapter. We supported their ambition and innovative mindset by understanding their goals, developing productive relationships with the key stakeholders, and assembling the best tax and M&A teams to ensure coordinated strategic planning and expertise throughout a complex series of changes. We continue to support our client’s growth by providing guidance that evolves in step with their purpose, values, and short- and long-term goals.


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