The challenge

It’s hard to imagine the Niagara region without one of its more famous landmarks, beloved by locals and tourists. After decades of welcoming thousands of people through its doors, the pandemic wreaked havoc on the tourism and hospitality industry—leaving restaurant seats, hotel rooms, and stadiums completely empty. Our client—a family hospitality business with multiple entities—was faced with trying to keep their doors open during widespread lockdowns, travel restrictions, and decreased demand. In addition to cashflow issues, they were overwhelmed and lacked the internal resources to apply for funding that could help ease their burden. Additionally, they required clarity as to whether they were eligible for government support because of their corporate structure.

How we helped

Conducted an immediate and thorough investigation to determine their eligibility and clarified how they could accurately meet the criteria.

Provided a sense of relief by alleviating the complications of the grant process and communicating with the government on their behalf.

Supported the entire application process efficiently and effectively, completing the submission within a short time to successfully secure funding.

Largely dependent upon international travel for customers, our client went from focusing on installing new attractions to focusing on whether to lay-off employees. When they were allowed to open, it was at a significantly reduced capacity. With COVID cases and bills rising, they were experiencing cash flow issues and needed grant support to keep running. The owners were overwhelmed and didn’t have a clear understanding about their eligibility because they owned multiple entities. They also lacked the knowledge needed to navigate the grant application process. As a long-time tax client, our team had a deep understanding of the business’ financial performance and quickly went to work determining their eligibility for the Ontario Tourism Recovery Program grant—a new program at the time with guidelines our client was unfamiliar with. We supported the application process from end-to-end by conducting a thorough investigation to understand their eligibility and clarified how they could accurately meet the criteria. We helped them navigate a tedious process efficiently, which involved information gathering, preparing the application for submission, and communicating with the government on their behalf. This all happened within a very short time as the deadline was short and resulted in a successful submission which saw the client receive the maximum amount of funding they were eligible for.

The impact

Global crises have the power to halt business—but those who stay resilient can recover. While the way we travel has changed forever, the tourism and hospitality industry is slowly regaining growth by finding new ways to adapt—like our client. Our strong understanding of their business’ finances combined with our expertise to submit a successful grant application in a short time period saw our client receive the funds they needed to help them navigate a difficult time. We continue to support them and are working on another application for future investments.

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