The challenge

Rapid growth is an exciting stage of a business’ journey but can often come with intense pressures. It can also pull back the curtain on issues like operational inefficiencies and a lack of resources required to keep up with customer demand. Our client—an energy company based in Nova Scotia—was experiencing immense growth but didn’t have enough people on their team to sustain it. With unemployment levels at record lows, they were having difficulties finding the talent they urgently needed.

How we helped

Delivered the expertise and talent they needed from our cloud accounting team without having to add extra headcount to their payroll.

Enhanced existing cloud applications and tools to derive greater value and improve operational efficiencies.

Developed fundamental systems and processes for future hires to be efficient and hit the ground running.

Our client came to us as a start-up company and as they began to rapidly expand, they realized they required additional support to deal with their overwhelming growth. Building a workforce during a labour shortage, however, was a challenge they weren’t prepared for. That’s when our team stepped in and created a virtual cloud accounting team leveraging their existing cloud applications. This gave our client access to a senior manager, manager, and FTE technicians—without the added headcount. Instead of enduring an extensive—and likely fruitless—hiring process, they gained access to the expertise and talent they needed quickly. This virtual team took care of inquiries and issues, closing periods, compliance deadlines, payables and receivables, bank reconciliations, closings, and more. While our client already had cloud applications in place, they weren’t being used to provide the value they needed. Our team reviewed the integration of these tools and made them more efficient and seamless, driving process improvements and better internal controls. Additionally, we developed fundamental systems and processes for future hires so as our client continues to grow, they can eventually fill these full-time roles on their own. With multiple Grant Thornton advisors as part of their team, our client always felt they were taken care of with consistent support.

The impact

Our client received the support they needed through multiple stages of their business journey—from infancy to tremendous growth. We’ve become an extension of their team and seen as trust-worthy, responsive, and strategic advisors that have contributed to making their organization better. While we’re continuing to offer virtual cloud support, we’re also setting them up to be more self-sufficient with the new systems and processes in place. Eventually they will hire their own full-time team and we’re happy to be a part of their path to success.

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