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    “The Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement approach of working closely with our employees has enabled us to gain significantly in terms of problem solving abilities, using metrics to actively manage functions, and the need for urgency in everyday situations. Overall, I am pleased with the project because we received value for our investment. I definitely recommend Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement.”

    Jack Vanderlaan, President and CEO

    Project cash flow



    Through our analysis process, we determined three key objectives:

    • Engineer organizational change
    • Improve profitability
    • Improve cash flow 

    Organizational improvements

    • Established a supply chain department
    • Defined roles and responsibilities emphasizing accountability
    • Drove aggressive, attainable and measurable goals for employees and departments
    • Established proactive management feedback loops to ensure focus, recognition and continuous improvement
    • Installed a “management scorecard” used by the executive to evaluate performance

    Improved profitability

    The Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement team improved profitability using the following approach:

    • Rationalizing product and customer portfolios based on profitability and strategic value
    • Installing a system to improve pricing capabilities based competitive knowledge, accurate internal costs, strategic considerations and stakeholder expectations
    • Installing a management system for the sales force, aligning sales activity with corporate objectives
    • Managing of distribution and logistics costs
    • Focusing on trade spend investments that generate maximum return

    Improved cash flow

    We reduced outstanding accounts receivable by

    • Enhancing communication between finance and the customer as well as between finance and the sales team
    • Implementing proactive systems to target large delinquent accounts

    We reduced cash tied up in inventory by

    • Installing a production planning system based on lean manufacturing

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    February 18, 2008