Sun-Rype Products Ltd. – Increased capacity, profit

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    “The consultants from Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement worked closely with our managers and staff using a professional and participatory approach to implement sustainable improvements. They delivered on their commitment. I would recommend their services and would use them again should a similar need arise.”

    President and CEO

    Project cash flow



    • Redesign and implement enhanced management systems
    • Improve management capability
    • Increase capacity
    • Increase profit

    Enhanced management systems

    • Installed new planning and scheduling tools for maintenance functions
    • Consolidated and developed reporting tools for food, beverage, and maintenance operations
    • Developed planning and performance evaluation tools to ensure effective deployment of resources

    Improved management capability

    • Delivered applied management training program to management
    • Provided coaching for supervisors towards effective management of shop floor execution
    • Drove analysis of employee skill gaps and execution of training plans to support reduction of operational variances
    • Increased accountability of supervisors based on achieving clearly defined targets

    Increased capacity

    • Improved production scheduling system using measured standards
    • Defined individual and collective production targets and expectations
    • Reduced maintenance backlog through improved work segregation
    • Increased machine availability and performance by shifting maintenance focus from primarily reactive to proactive

    Increased profit


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    February 18, 2008