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    “The focus of the Mitten team has changed to actively managing the business resulting in continual and ongoing productivity improvements.”

    Gary Ball, Vice President

    Weekly savings annualized

    Mitten graph


    Through our analysis process, we determined three key objectives:

    • Improve management processes
    • Improve management systems
    • Improve warehouse layout

    Improve management systems

    • Implemented a comprehensive management system:
      • Formalized relationship between work and required resources, illustrating opportunities for headcount reduction
      • Trained supervisors and managers on how to recognize variances, identify root causes, and take corrective action
    • Improved communication of useful information to relevant parties:
      • Developed a dashboard capturing productivity drivers
      • Communicated results and objectives to the warehouse staff through a visible information board
      • Defined, captured and reported key performance indicators that are distributed to decision makers on a monthly basis
    • Targeted supervision:
      • Daily schedule control implemented
      • Switched focus from a reactive to proactive warehouse strategy
      • Initiative focused on improving labour utilization and driving task completion

    Improve management capability

    • Management trained in lean manufacturing, process identification & improvement and management operating system concepts
    • On the floor coaching in productivity observations and active management
    • Mitten management team trained by the productvity improvement team in all aspects of productivity improvement to ensure sustainability after project completion

    Improve warehouse layout

    • Redesigned warehouse layout to allow for fast movers to be closer to loading docks
    • Implement signage to indicate where product should be stored to enable faster pick times

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    February 18, 2008