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    Increase gross profit through the following:

    • Implementation of an enhanced sales management system
    • Improving management capability and execution
    • Increasing sales force effectiveness and productivity

    Enhanced management systems

    • Designed and installed new tools and procedures for territory call planning, target setting, customer segmentation, and call reporting
    • Trained sales managers in using the management system to improve the quality and frequency of sales calls
    • Deployed pricing system to maximize client profitability and sustain growth

    Improve management capability

    • Delivered customized applied management training and coaching to sales managers
    • Drove analysis of employee skill gaps and creation of training plans to support sales force personnel development
    • Increased accountability of sales force by setting and measuring clearly defined targets and performance expectation

    Increase sales force effectiveness

    • Worked with sales force on an individual basis to set yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly activity plans
    • Facilitated the launch of regular performance and coaching sessions between managers and sales reps to drive continuous improvement
    • Increased field selling time through reduction of service related calls
    • Selected and currently installing sales force automation (SFA) software
    • Implemented telemarketing function at the branches and the head office to increase new account development activity

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    February 18, 2008