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  •  Productivity improvement—plant-wide:


    Approach and results

    Engagement objective
    Review the current management system, technology systems, and business processes across the organization to increase labor productivity and coordination between production departments.

    Achieved objectives by:

    • Developing of performance metrics and identifying method of data collection in order to compile performance (leading and lagging indicators) on a weekly basis for each business function 
    • Creating production planning and controlling department to level-load production cells to increase throughput and identifying opportunities to increase capacity 
    • Developing and implementing an ongoing preventative maintenance program and schedule for all production equipment in each department in order to improve system reliability and minimize unplanned downtime

    Analysis and impact

    • Centralized production planning and inventory control for all operating divisions
    • Created an approach to sales volume forecasting
    • Developed an operations management system to help manage direct labour and raw materials

    Management system implementation

    • Developed new tools and procedures for resource planning and scheduling, target setting, and performance reporting
    • Provided formal and on-the-job training to front-line managers regarding process measurement, production line balancing and active supervision techniques
    • Established and implemented methodology to forecast (quarterly, monthly, weekly) and plan labour resources (by department, by production line)
    April 16, 2010