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  • "Our overall productivity has increased upwards of 28% and best demonstrated at 44% improvement in various areas throughout our organization. I definitely recommend Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement."
    Fraser H. Edison, Executive Vice President

    Productivity improvement - manufacturing services







    Through our review of the current management system, technology systems and business processes across the organization, we determined three key objectives:

    • reduce working capital requirements
    • improve data accuracy
    • increase labour productivity

    The Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement team used the following approach:

    • Utilized the "Structured Approach" in all business functions
    • Redesigned cross functional business processes to: streamline production, improve cash collection efforts, and eliminate non-value added activities between departments
    • Created production planning and control department to level-load production cells to increase throughput
    • Identified opportunities to increase capacity

    We achieved our objectives by:

    • Developing new tools and procedures for resource planning and scheduling, target setting, and performance reporting
    • Clarifying roles and responsibilities to improve accountability surrounding management of data and information
    • Redesigning business processes across all operational functions to eliminate non-value added activities
    • Building departmental dashboards and balanced scorecard
    March 30, 2009