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  • The Efficiency and Productivity for the Future (EPF) project at IMO, managed by Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement, has been a huge success. We look forward to using the Grant Thornton strategies to continue on this path of continuous improvement and look forward to the sustainable growth of the business that this project has encouraged.
    Phil LeBlanc, President

    Productivity improvement—efficiency and productivity for the future (EPF)



    Through our analysis process, we determined the following key objectives:

    • improvement in productivity
    • improvement in material yield
    • improvement in management capability and system

    Improvement in productivity
    The Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement team made the following improvements in the area of productivity by:

    • Redesigning processes to minimize causes of loss time
    • Defining, capturing, and reporting KPIs that are reviewed on a daily basis
    • Redesigning break structure to more effectively utilize employees
    • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities of employees and managers

    Improvement in material yield
    The following improvements were made in material yield by:

    • Developing a formalized training session for employees and managers on reducing waste
    • Installing an incentive program linked to production and material improvement
    • Designing and developed a system to measure and improve material yields

    Improvement in management capability and systems
    Management capability was improved upon by:

    • Training managers in lean manufacturing, active management, and change management techniques
    • Conducting on the floor management training
    • Designing and developing a daily and monthly reporting tool to help managers make proactive decisions
    • Facilitating behavioral change and teambuilding exercises to encourage a more effective work environment
    April 7, 2009