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Located north of Toronto, the North York office serves one of Ontario’s most diverse and developed business communities. The firm of Sloan Partners LLP joined forces with Grant Thornton LLP in January 2022 to expand the range of services available to businesses, organizations and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of focused and committed professionals provide audit, tax and advisory services to support your organization’s business development and success. Our clients range from small businesses requiring tax planning to large corporations in need of multiple services such as US corporate tax or transfer pricing. We’re committed to helping our clients reach sustained business success.  

Did you know? North York used to be known as a regional agricultural hub composed of scattered villages. It has since become the second-largest economic hub of Toronto with North York Centre, its central business and entertainment district, located in the heart of the community. 

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4646 Dufferin St. Suite 6
Toronto ON
M3H 5S4

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