Toronto, ON - December 7, 2016

To celebrate the holiday season, Grant Thornton LLP will be taking a look back at “the year that was” with the 12 Days of Insights social media campaign.

#12DaysofInsights is a social media campaign that reflects on national thought leadership releases and insights developed by the Firm in 2016, from subject matter experts across the country, and in some cases in collaboration with media partners.

Starting today, every weekday from December 7 to December 22, Grant Thornton will share and feature different topics addressing a number of industries. Each social post will be issued with a supporting image revealing the insight of the day via Grant Thornton Twitter and LinkedIn accounts – be sure to follow!

The #12DaysofInsights schedule include:

Day 1 - Exploring the world of tax inversions

Day 2 - Business in a post-Brexit world

Day 3 - Preventing human trafficking

Day 4 - Best practices in the Oil & Gas industry

Day 5 - Incorporating your medical practice

Day 6 - Export Insights 2016,

Day 7 - Private Business Advantage Blog

Day 8 - Looming challenges for softwood lumber

Day 9 - Getting the most out of your parking lot operations

Day 10 - Anti-Money Laundering: Benchmark Report

Day 11 - Making Steps Count 2016

Day 12 - Manufacturer’s Outlook 2017, PLANT Magazine – soon to be released