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Interview opportunity: 2017 Canadian federal budget

Grant Thornton helps break down the Canadian federal budget for businesses and families.

Toronto, ON - February 7, 2017

In advance of Canada’s upcoming federal budget, experts from Grant Thornton LLP, Canada, are available to provide insight on the possible impact on Canadian businesses and the economy.

Grant Thornton can also address questions related to the economic realities of cross-border trade and tax matters as a result of the new US administration.

Grant Thornton tax experts are available to discuss a wide range of issues, including:

  • Impact of new US tax policies on Canada: The impact of the proposed US tax plan on Canadians and Canadian businesses, and how executives across the country can plan to address the changes.
  • Finding the right balance in marijuana taxes: With the impending federal legalization of marijuana, the government must walk a fine line between generating revenue through taxation and developing a regulated pricing model that will act as a barrier to shadow market activity.
  • Possibility of Capital Gains Reduction: Why the federal government should maintain or lower the capital gains inclusion rate of 50% to lead to higher levels of entrepreneurship, economic growth, and job creation.
  • Innovation: Drive the commercialization of R&D and new technology as well as rejuvenation of the manufacturing sector to foster a more innovative environment, increase investment and create jobs through various tax incentives.
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS): Canada’s response to the global movement towards tightening corporate international taxation.

Interview Opportunities

A range of Grant Thornton tax experts from across the country will be available pre-Budget Day, on Budget Day, and for Post-Budget commentary.

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For further information, please contact:

Julie Ibrahim

Media Relations Manager

T +1 416 607 8744


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