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Recognizing Canadian business success stories

The Private Business Growth Award program, presented by Grant Thornton LLP and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, commences this month recognizing some of Canada’s top private businesses.

Toronto, ON - April 6, 2016

 This program shines a spotlight on private companies that have achieved strategic, sustainable and holistic growth, and collectively contributed to the strength of our economy.

“This award platform helps to nurture business growth and inspire Canadian entrepreneurs,” said Kevin Ladner, Executive Partner and CEO, Grant Thornton LLP. “When a great private business success story comes along it needs to be recognized, celebrated and shared for its tremendous achievements.”

Consider nominating a private business or submitting your own business success story: Why?

  1. Recognition of growth
  2. Validation of effort
  3. Celebration of success

“The Private Business Growth Award lets Canadian companies from all regions and all sectors demonstrate what happens when a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a vision for the future and a winning business environment come together,” says Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “The award finalists are true Canadian success stories.”

Any company within the business community can be considered for the award, provided it is a Canadian-owned private business in at least its third year of operation as of December 31, 2015 with minimum annual revenue of $5 million. A jury of eight Canadian business leaders reviews and judges all submissions, looking for clear evidence of strategic growth across five key areas:

  1. Innovation
  2. Expansion into new domestic or international markets
  3. Development of people and culture
  4. Improvements in financial measures
  5. Strategic leadership

Prior top 10 award finalists have been recognized for their notable business growth and their unique success stories. The 2015 Top 10 Finalists were:

  1. Global Relay (Vancouver, BC) 1st Place Winner
  2. Baby Gourmet (Calgary, AB)
  3. Cooke Aquaculture (Blacks Harbour, NB)
  4. dentalcorp (Toronto, ON)
  5. Fiera Foods (Toronto, ON)
  6. Kids & Company (Richmond Hill, ON)
  7. Medgate Inc. (Toronto, ON)
  8. Nicola Wealth Management (Vancouver, BC)
  9. (London, ON)
  10. Skyline Group of Companies (Guelph, ON)

“When Global Relay was founded in 1999, Canada lacked the infrastructure to support entrepreneurs and private businesses. In the years since, we’ve seen that change for the better,” said Warren Roy, co-founder and CEO Global Relay. “The Private Business Growth Award is part of this shift, as Canadians begin to support, recognize, and celebrate their homegrown success stories. We’re honoured to be one of those stories, and appreciate the positive impact that the award has had on our business.”

Take the time to submit a nomination by July 15, 2016.

To learn more, visit the Private Business Growth Award site:


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