Energy | Assurance

At Grant Thornton LLP, we understand the energy industry and the sector challenges you face.

We recognize that most decisions related to the growth of your business require careful consideration—regardless of whether you’re a private enterprise or a publicly-listed corporation. With experience working with energy clients of all shapes and sizes, our team can help you achieve real growth. We understand that staying on top of industry changes can be a challenging and time consuming process―this is where our experience comes in.

In addition to getting to know your company, we take the time to get to know you and understand what your business objectives are. Our goal is to deliver seamless service and advice to help you reach your business goals. We use an integrated approach which is forward looking and tailored to you—providing advice and strategies that allow you to achieve your growth opportunities. And for companies that operate outside of Canada, we’re able to leverage our global energy network as a member firm, through Grant Thornton International Ltd. So, regardless of where you have operations, we’ve got you covered.

Our assurance professionals combine leading-edge knowledge with in-depth industry expertise to help benefit your company both today and in the long term. Our assurance team can assist you with:

  • IFRS and complex accounting guidance
    Businesses are increasing in complexity, and so are accounting principles. Keeping updated with the continuous changes to IFRS and the complexities of transition can be challenging for most companies. This fast-paced change combined with increasingly complex accounting standards make it more and more difficult for businesses to feel confident that they are in compliance.
    Our experienced and knowledgeable practitioners can help you work through the ever-evolving standards and reduce the risk of accounting errors. Our efforts are currently focused on educating and preparing clients for the transition to the new accounting standards on consolidation, joint arrangements, fair-value measurement that are effective, January 1, 2013.

  • Expansion on a global scale
    Expanding your oil and gas operations internationally can cause increased risk on a global scale. Rest assured, our audit methodology has been developed to meet the highest international standards. In use by our member firms throughout the Grant Thornton International network, this industry tailored methodology helps deliver seamless audits worldwide. Regardless of the location of your international operations, we have access to the resources to serve you.

  • Transition to a public entity
    The transition from private enterprise to the public domain will require management to adhere to new accounting standards, heightened financial reporting, and an increased regulatory and governance framework. Whether through an initial public offering or a reverse takeover of a listed entity, we have the resources to educate and assist you through your growth process.