Charities and not-for-profit organizations | Charitable organizations

According to Canada Revenue Agency, there are more than 85,000 registered charities in Canada.


And while these organizations are greatly varied in size, scope and focus, they generally have the same key goal—to help. And while they’re working hard raising money, funding research or recruiting volunteers, they may not realize the depth of help they need—and can get from Grant Thornton LLP. Responsibilities of board members as trustees, compliance with CRA guidelines for fundraising and administration, establishing a financial reserves and investment policy, understanding the true cost of programs being delivered, and grappling with the measurement and communication of your programs being just some of the challenges a charity may face. That’s where we come in.

We help you create effective and efficient internal controls while providing guidance on financial reporting and accountability to stakeholders. We understand the current financial and reporting issues of the charitable community, and are a source of information when rules change or other financial events impact the charitable community.