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You’ve made your business a success. Now you want to preserve your wealth. After all, getting the most out of owning your business, in part, means fully enjoying the fruits of your labour. To do this properly, you need to establish a plan early on that will not only help you maximize  your wealth and protect your assets, but allow for a seamless succession as well.

Proper tax structuring

Minimizing your tax burden involves more than preparing and filing personal income tax returns—it involves an integrated planning approach. We can help you get the most out of tax savings opportunities by developing integrated tax strategies that take you, your business and your family into account.

We can help you by
          • designing a tax efficient organization structure;
          • planning effective remuneration strategies;
          • establishing shareholders’ agreements; and
          • helping you sell your business or plan an exit strategy.

Succession planning

The business decisions you make today have the potential to impact your eventual legacy and retirement plans. To ensure this impact is a positive one, it’s essential to view succession planning as an integrated, multi-step process that starts long before you consider exiting your business. As a familiar face you know and trust, your advisor can help you implement a plan that prioritizes the future needs of you and your family, as well as the smooth transition of your business and wealth.

We can help you by
          • providing wealth transition options, including tax minimization
            for complex personal, family or business issues;
          • preserving the value of your business throughout the transition
          • balancing family relationships;
          • assisting in succession, estate and trust planning; and
          • identifying the most suitable exit strategy to maximize value.

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