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Social and Public Sector Consulting

When you’re working for the common good, you face some unique challenges.

Organizations in the social or public sector operate in an environment of constant change, uncertainty and ambiguity that is well beyond what most private-sector companies experience. Your strategic approach needs to reflect this reality, and we can help.

Improving your strategy and operations so that you can deliver on your purpose

At Grant Thornton LLP, we understand the strain that many social and public sector organizations are under: the competing and growing demands from multiple stakeholders, volatile funding sources, and complex and evolving laws and regulations, to name a few.

Are you spending stakeholder dollars in the right areas? Can you deliver services differently? Are there some things you should no longer be doing? We’ll work with your team to answer these questions and more.

You have a critical mandate and mission. We can help you achieve them with efficiency, flexibility and accountability.

Our advisory team works in these areas:

Municipal Government

In municipal government you’re constantly looking for better, faster and efficient ways to deliver services to your citizens. At the same time, a fixed revenue stream and unpredictable access to grants makes planning and forecasting difficult.

Our experienced advisors will work with your team to understand the issues and give you the information you need to move forward with confidence. We offer:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness reviews
  • Benchmarking against other municipalities
  • Evidence-based reports to make effective, informed decisions
  • Forecasting to ensure you can service your community in the future

Provincial Government

Provincial departments, boards, agencies and commissions are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase savings – all while meeting standards of service excellence. Whether you are in healthcare, education or another provincial service, we can help you manage competing demands, anticipate the future and ensure you have the resources you need to deliver on your mandate.

Our advisors bring deep insight and broad expertise to the table to help you:

  • Identify strategies to reduce costs and increase savings
  • Make an effective case for funding and investment
  • Formulate, validate and build buy-in for your strategic and operational plans – one of the benefits of working with a reputable, third-party advisory firm

Social and Non-profit Sector

Being a not-for-profit organization doesn’t mean you’re not profitable. You need to generate income and attract funds to deliver on your mission. And you need to be accountable to your donors and government.

Our advisors take pride in immersing themselves in your organization and your mission to provide holistic, effective solutions that drive results. Here’s how:

Charities and not-for-profits

  • Strategic planning – working with your team and your stakeholders to define where you want to be and how to get there
  • Enterprise risk management - facilitation workshops to identify major risks and mitigating factors
  • General outsourcing – helping you operate more efficiently and effectively

Post-secondary institutions

  • Models for activity-based costing
  • Cost-revenue analysis to determine if courses are breaking even, making money or losing money
  • Strategic planning

We know it can be an uphill battle to secure outside expertise. We can help you build a business case for hiring a consultant, so that you have access to the insights and information you need to build, enhance and future-proof your organization.  

You’ve been entrusted with an important mission. We’d love to help you succeed.

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