The crime is not being prepared

Viruses. Phishing. Malware infections. Malpractice by employees. Espionage. Data ransom and theft. Fraud. Cybercrime is now a leading risk to all businesses.

If an organization isn’t prepared, a cyber attack can damage investor and customer confidence, impact business operations and finances, and do long-term harm to its reputation. 

Taking a realistic approach to the challenge

The question is not “if you will be attacked.” The question is “when will you be attacked?” We believe that rather than being fearful, the better response is to understand how you can prepare.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions address a variety of complex security requirements and help you build a resilient business that can withstand any cyber challenge.

We can help you:

  • assess your security vulnerability
  • establish or improve your IT security: people, processes, and technology
  • identify and remediate vulnerability gaps, breaches or compliance failures
  • follow up on breaches or attacks


Using both automated tools and manual validation, our certified security professionals can objectively:

  • conduct vulnerability scans and penetrating testing
  • assess your security posture—both internally and externally
  • validate the effectiveness of your security measures
  • uncover existing risks and gaps in coverage
  • provide recommendations for improvement

We provide an executive summary, plus detailed technical reports that contain prioritized recommendations based on vulnerabilities and issues discovered.


We elevate the effectiveness of cybersecurity education by leveraging a platform and training methodology that is based on research-proven learning principles.

This interactive solution works to influence changes in employee behaviours and reduce risk at every level of your organization by strengthening the ‘human firewall’.


Where do you stand today with your security measures? Through our strategic review process, we will identify and quantify the maturity levels of your organization’s internal processes. We will also gain insights into the current posture of your cybersecurity and privacy protection capabilities.

We can help to identify gaps that may exist relative to industry-accepted practices. Our specialists will then assist you in developing a risk mitigation strategy and roadmap to address those gaps in a planned, strategic, and cost-efficient manner.

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National Cybersecurity Leader

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