Information security | Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Business interruption on any scale can seriously harm your business

The need for a plan

Recent public incidents and natural disasters have woken up many organizations to the need for effective business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Larger organizations may have plans already to deal with the interruption of key business processes; however these plans are often out of date or are ineffective in practice. At the same time, smaller organizations typically have very limited—if any— plans, but the dependency on key business processes tends to be much more critical for these organizations. Organizations of all sizes with a business continuity and disaster recovery program also have the need for regular testing, audits and rework, but may be lacking the skills or resources.

How we can help
At Grant Thornton, we’re able to provide a range of services to help organizations build plans from the ground up, enhance existing plans or provide plan assessments or testing.

Our capabilities include

  • conducting a health check for business continuity or disaster recovery,
  • serving as advisors for client team or project,
  • conducting a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) or risk assessment, 
  • leading Business Continuity Program (BCP) development,
  • facilitating Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) development,
  • testing disaster recovery exercise facilitation,
  • conducting disaster recovery plan audit/assessment,
  • providing overall program management services,
  • leading table-top exercises,
  • facilitating emergency preparedness planning, and
  • assisting in development of pandemic plans.

No matter what the information security needs of your business may be, our professionals can help ensure that your data—and that of your customers—is secure.