Information security | Privacy assessments and consulting

In an increasingly electronic world, concerns about privacy and the handling of sensitive and personal information continue to pose challenges to organizations in all industries

The requirement for the protection of personal information exists for all types of businesses in Canada, whether private sector, privately held business, government or other public sector organizations. There is also increasing awareness by the public and scrutiny at both the provincial and federal level in respect of the collection and use of personal information. This regulatory landscape can become even more complicated when dealing with cross-border or global business situations.

How we can help?

At Grant Thornton LLP, we have helped numerous organizations assess and improve privacy protection through the involvement of our experienced professionals and assessment methodology. Our experience includes assessing privacy protection for business processes and information systems, participating in national privacy policies, conducting privacy impact assessments (PIA) and leading threat and risk assessments (TRA).

In addition, our broad information security experience provides additional capability to assess security controls and countermeasures. Our reports provide a comprehensive and business-centric view of risk for an organization and include action plans that can immediately be leveraged to improve your organization’s risk profile.

Our services include

  • privacy assessments
  • privacy incident response
  • privacy programs and policie
  • HIPAA and PHIPA reviews
  • security threat and risk assessments