Governance, risk and compliance | Governance and standards compliance

Heeding the call to action for better governance

Corporate failures continue to put the spotlight on corporate governance in Canada, the United States and around the globe.

As shareholders and stakeholders—including customers, employees, suppliers, banks and regulators—demand more board oversight, companies face increasing pressure to comply with corporate governance best practices.

Our approach to corporate governance is pragmatic:

  • We begin with understanding your business, your industry and your specific governance and compliance needs.
  • We help you develop and strengthen governance structures and practices that address shareholder and stakeholder expectations.
  • And we do so within the boundaries of operational and commercial acceptability.

Services for fully listed companies and private companies wishing to adopt best practices

We have the local and international experience—and the methodologies and tools required—to guide management, boards and audit committees every step of the way.

Working with Grant Thornton International Ltd member firms worldwide, we strive to deliver

  • skilful interaction among your audit committee, management team, existing external auditor and internal audit group; and
  • a controls-focused framework for corporate governance that ensures the effectiveness of those controls in relation to your specific operations and company structure, management and board of directors.

Our risk management and gap analysis services

  • help you generate and embed a robust, responsive management framework that is relevant to your organization;
  • educate your personnel on the importance of risk management;
  • facilitate risk identification and identify and train internal risk owners; and
  • support the development of risk mitigation strategies by mapping controls, assessing their effectiveness and developing reporting and monitoring structures.