Governance, risk and compliance | Internal audit

Keeping up with the pace of business

You’re introducing new products, new service delivery methods, new information technology, and you’re entering new markets.

More sophisticated, risk-based, risk-driven audit approaches are needed to turn internal audit into a strategic contributor. 

Internal audit is complex and requires diverse skills: risk assessment, strategy, operational effectiveness, IT security. Add to this the complexity of multiple geographies, multiple languages, multiple industries—it’s probably not practical to maintain all the required skills internally.

That’s where we can help: we can

  • supplement your internal team,
  • take over specific audits or portions of audits, and
  • provide you with service in regions, geographies and languages that are not easily provided by your existing company team.

In partnership with the business

Internal audit is the conscience of your organization, and it can be a valued teacher when viewed as a critical resource for management in assessing and monitoring governance, risk management and compliance systems.

Our professionals are skilled and experienced auditors who follow a methodology and standards consistent with Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) best practices. Contact us for more information.