Specialty assurance | Grant Thornton services

Independence. Objectivity. Assurance.

Service organizations, such as those managing information technology and providing payroll, procurement and financial services, must increasingly demonstrate adequate controls and safeguards over the data and processes being used to service their customers.

Our specialized assurance services can help you offer independent, objective assurance to your customers by providing attestation to your controls environment under various audit standards, such as the SSAE 16, CSAE 3416 and CICA 5025.

Based on the standard under which engagements are executed, our independent attestation reports may contain

  • an evaluation of the design, implementation and effectiveness of controls for a point in time or for a specified audit period;
  • a description of the controls environment, control objectives and key controls that have been placed into operations to achieve those objectives; and
  • a description of the tests conducted to verify the operating effectiveness of controls and the results of such tests.

Benefits to service organizations

Grant Thornton specialized assurance services can help you

  • lower your overall cost and staff time expended in undergoing audits conducted by your customers and their auditors;
  • provide a report and audit opinion to your customers’ auditors that is standards-based and can be relied upon;
  • demonstrate commitment to providing controls and safeguards over your customers’ information;
  • gain independent objective assurance over internal controls in your business; and
  • identify opportunities for improvement in controls over your business processes.