Forensics and dispute resolution | Anti-money laundering and regulatory consulting

Having a strong anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program in place can combat the threats of money laundering and ensure compliance in today’s complex regulatory climate. At Grant Thornton LLP, our dedicated AML services team has the experience, expertise and global reach that can help you create and execute an effective AML program—to assist in abating threats and providing the assurance and security your customers and regulatory agencies require.

Our team has deep industry experience and offers leading anti-money laundering and terrorist financing deterrence (AML/TFD) advisory services:

Compliance review and testing
Our AML review program is scaled and personalized for your organization, providing independent insight, and a comprehensive review of your policies, procedures and practices.

Program enhancements
Our team can help you enhance your current AML program, developing risk-scoring methodologies, providing enhanced due diligence reporting for high-risk customers and transactions, and recommending improvements to your transaction and customer monitoring program.

Our team can respond to internally triggered proactive reviews, regulator look-back requests or governmental enforcement actions.

Organizations we’ve assisted include

  • financial institutions,
  • securities firms and dealers,
  • foreign exchange providers,
  • money remittance service providers,
  • online payment systems,accounting and legal firms,
  • government organizations,
  • jewellery retailers, precious metals dealers, and
  • casinos.

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