Forensic technology services | e-Discovery

Controlling risks, lowering costs and streamlining the processes of e-Discovery  

The increased growth and demands of technology in support of business objectives and goals has changed, which means the use of technology and electronically stored data in support of litigation or internal investigations has also evolved. Efficiently preserving, collecting, reviewing and producing electronically stored information has become a challenge in the litigation support field. 

At Grant Thornton LLP, we understand the complexity of the litigation review process, and can convert the chaos of e-Discovery into a custom-tailored, cost-effective business process, helping you manage the flow of information during your trial. Utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software, along with advanced discovery processes, tools and methodologies, we can identify, collect, reconstruct and preserve electronic data.

With a diverse set of skills and experience, in a variety of services—including computer forensics, data management, litigation readiness assessments, expert witness testimony and e-Discovery—our team can deploy the expertise you need, when you need it. And, with a global team of forensic technology specialists, regardless of where you are, or where your case takes you, our team can help.

Forensic technology services