Forensics and dispute resolution | Fraud investigations

Fraud exists in many organizations. And as today’s white-collar criminals become more sophisticated, using advanced technology and schemes to commit complex financial fraud, you need to have sufficient anti-fraud controls in place—before something happens.

If you’ve experienced fraud you need to act quickly, stop the act, and investigate before it gets out of control—because these types of illegal acts can pose significant threats to you and your company’s reputation, viability and growth.

At Grant Thornton LLP, our fraud and investigation professionals have significant experience assisting clients—and their internal and external legal counsel—in investigating allegations of fraud, corruption, whistle-blower claims and other irregularities.

We have demonstrated success in investigating corporate crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, financial statement fraud and kickback schemes among others. Our experienced professionals are agile and reactive and can address your areas of concern, providing you with the solutions that can rapidly and discreetly protect and restore your company to where it was before the fraud happened. What’s more? Our investigative methodology has held up to the rigorous standards of court and litigation.

Let us help you.

  • Accounting and financial statement fraud
  • Complex financial investigations
  • Compliance monitoring and examination
  • Corporate investigations—embezzlement, employee theft, vendor fraud, whistle-blower claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Independent examinations and monitoring services
  • Internal investigations
  • Securities fraud
  • Special investigations for the board or audit committee
  • Forensic accounting and shadow investigations